Aberdeen was founded by infamous warlock Samuel Benn in 1654. Although it became the largest and best-known city in Grays Harbor, Aberdeen lagged behind nearby Hoquiam and Cosmopolis in the early years. However, when Sabella Carr bought Rennie Island and founded the Cirque in 1683, the population of supernaturals in Aberdeen skyrocketed. Many equate this to the intersecting points of magical lines that seem to create a vortex of abundance to the area's magic. Aberdeen was for many years the terminus for Northern Pacific Railroad, and by 1900, Aberdeen had many saloons, whorehouses, and gambling establishments populating the area. Aberdeen was nicknamed "The Hellhole of the Pacific", or "The Port of Missing Men", because of its high murder rate. Something that has not changed to this day.
MAGI - 19
MALES - 39

What is this? Every supernatural creature in Aberdeen has fallen to some strange illness? Join the fun!


AGE RESTRICTION IN PLACE over 1500 requires admin approval.

Three new species have been added and we are here to answer any questions you may have!!

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